Enjoying Jack’s is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

There a quite a few people that may be new to the idea of using carton packaging for pantry staples such as beans or using carton packaging in general. Well enjoying Jack’s Quality beans is as easy as 1, 2, 3 … we promise.

Opening Jack's Quality Beans Step 1

Step 1, Lift: Lift up the flaps on each side panel of your carton of Jack’s Quality beans.

Opening Jack's Quality Beans Step 2

Step 2, Squeeze: Gently squeeze the top corners of the carton until top flap rises.

Opening Jack's Quality Beans Step 3

Step 2, Tear: Tear along the dotted line to reveal the contents of your carton of Jack’s. (By the way, the contents are delicious :)

Opening Jack's Quality Beans

We also ask you to add another step to this already easy process…

Step 4, Recycle: We ask that you recycle your cartons. Carton based packaging offers the planet a lot of benfits when it comes to water consumption by using less water to create than glass or aluminum packaging. We only completely capitalize on these benefits when we all do our part by recycling the packaging. Click here or a list of carton recycling sites near you.