Global Pulse Day 2017

Jack’s Quality is celebrating the second ever Global Pulse Day, January 18th 2017! Pulses are the edible seeds of the plants in the legume family, such as beans and lentils. The first evidence of pulses dates back 11,000 years ago and today we recognize 11 types!

Global Pulse day is part of a movement to raise awareness about the benefits of consuming pulses for people and the planet. Individuals across world are pledging to consume more pulses and are encourages others to do the same!

Aside from being a delicious component to any dish, there are many benefits to consuming Jack’s Quality Beans and other pulses. Celebrate Global Pulse Day with us by incorporating our beans into your next dish and feel good knowing that pulses are:

  • Low in fat and rich in fiber (great for managing cholesterol, digestive health, and regulating energy levels)
  • Low-sodium
  • A good source of protein without the residues of hormones or antibiotics often used in animal production
  • Rich in iron, magnesium, zinc, folate, and potassium
  • Cholesterol-free

Share your love for pulses and Jack’s Quality Beans with us using the hashtag #jackspulse

For more information about Global Pulse Day and the benefits of pulses, click here.