Our Story

In the spring of 2015, a seed was planted that grew into a fully blossomed concept –  A brand was born that focused on modern consumers and their evolving diets. After witnessing certain grocery categories transformed by the introduction of carton-based packaging and observing changing trends around the world, a Michigan-based team saw an opportunity to make their mark on a more sustainable future by filling a need for an alternative, eco-friendly packaging option in the canned vegetable aisle. Across all age groups and generations, there is a growing awareness that is focused on becoming more conscious when purchasing food for the home. It is very important to customers today how food is sourced, where it is sourced from, ease of preparation, and of course, how healthy the item they wish to purchase is. Armed with a concept and a plan for Jack’s, the beanstalk grew!

Jack’s Quality Beans towers over the competition in the organic bean category. The innovative artwork for our shelf-stable packaging was designed by Swedish artist Tobias Pettersson. Pettersson, with the help of a fellow artist who created an oil painting of Jack and the Beanstalk as a source of inspiration for design, resulting in the colorful and vibrant cartons that we sell today. Jack’s Beans is focused on giving back to the planet and providing customers with a sensible option on the shelves. Cartons are the natural evolution from canned food items, and Jack’s remains on the forefront of this trend. With the help of Jack’s partners in Italy, the first four types of organic, Non-GMO Project verified beans were sourced and packed into Tetra Recart. In working with Tetra Pak’s division in Italy, two groups with a goal of providing consumers with healthful, high quality products while minimizing the environmental impact of their operations came together to offer an alternative to traditional canned beans in the United States. Tetra Pak’s recyclable carton-based packaging solution, made entirely of renewable resources, protects the nutritional value and taste of the products inside, making it the perfect match for Jack’s Quality beans. In May of 2015, Jack’s Quality beans were officially launched in the United States.

Making our beans look good from the outside was only one piece of the puzzle. Jack’s Quality Beans are proudly packaged with very low sodium, and packed with protein and fiber. They are fantastic in any recipe they are integrated into, as the high quality raw materials packaged in cartons made mostly of paper result in beans with clean, bright flavor. Customers get simplicity and pure, organic flavor. Easy to use and prepare, Jack’s is a hit with families, those on-the-go, and adventurers that need a great meal no matter where life takes them. Jack’s is a fantastic source of protein on-the-go that is easy to use, prepare, and store – what could be better for the modern consumer?

Since launching Jack’s Quality Beans, the Jack’s team has realized that their efforts go beyond just making their own mark on a more sustainable future by giving consumers who are increasingly aware of how their purchasing habits affect the world around them an opportunity to do the same. Jack’s Quality aims to be good to the planet and good for the consumer in everything we do – from sourcing to shelf, it is our mission to utilize packaging options of the future, like Tetra Recart, and continually improve our operations to create a more sustainable future without sacrificing quality or affordability for the consumer. The vision for Jack’s Quality is that, much like the beanstalk in the classic tale that gave way to its’ name, the brand will grow to heights that allow it to expand to other canned items and into other aisles of the grocery store.

Today Jack’s Quality offers six types of organic, low sodium beans: Organic Black beans, Organic Garbanzo beans, Organic Cannellini beans, Organic Kidney beans, OrganicButter beans, and Organic Borlotti beans. Consumers can find Jack’s Quality at retailers across the United States and our presence continues to grow.