Benefits of “The Bean”

Benefits of jack's Quality Beans

Satisfies the most intense hunger

Fiber makes you feel full, so naturally you don’t feel hungry and need to eat so much during the day. Most people, especially women, fall short of the recommended daily amount of protein. One serving (1/2 cup) of beans contains almost 10 grams of fiber. The fiber in beans doesn’t really “break down”, so the feeling of being full will last throughout the day. This is a particularly good dietary “strategy” for those looking to loose weight.

Excellent in aiding digestion

Of all the foods available to you, beans are among the best in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Contrary to what most people believe, eating beans on  regular basis does not make you more “gassy”. Eating more beans actually regulates flatulence by keeping your digestive track running smoothly. To put it simply (when it comes to the “magical fruit”) the more you eat, the LESS you toot.

Helps to beat cholesterol

When cholesterol levels are too high, it can stick to the inner walls of your blood vessels causing plaque to build up which inhibits blood flow and can even cause blood vessels to rupture. Cholesterol can be lowered by as much as 5 to 6% when 3/4 cup of certain beans are consumed per day.  These types include peas, lentils and garbanzo beans (chickpeas).

Reduce the risk of a heart attack

By having beans play a significant roll in your regular diet, you’re doing your heart a big favor. There is a direct correlation between reducing your cholesterol and reducing your risk of a heart attack. Beans are excellent sources of potassium and magnesium. Both of which are important minerals for good “heart health”. According to the National Institutes of Health, Potassium removes sodium and water from your cardio vascular system, while magnesium aids in blood pressure regulation.

Helps you stay slim and trim

Simply put, when you eat plenty of beans, you feel fuller longer. The fiber in beans takes longer to leave your stomach, meaning you can go longer without feeling hungry. You can also get your protein fix without having yo turn to sources like beef, which are high in fat and are counter-productive to weight loss. Also, the fiber from beans doesn’t get absorbed into the blood stream where it either has to be burned or stored.