Water Friendly Food

Jacks beans are water friendly

It’s no secret that water plays a vital roll in our lives. Not only is it used for drinking and cleaning, but it is also used in food production as well. When it comes to protein sources, beans use the less water to produce 1 pound of food versus any other protein source.

Beef vs. Garbanzo Beans

Bean consumption of water

It’s amazing when comparing the amount of water needed to produce 1 pound of food that beef requires versus a more “water-friendly” protein source like garbanzo beans. Beef requires around 1,800 gallons/lb. Garbanzo beans require far less at about 500 gal./lb. When comparing water consumed per gram of protein, beans win out at 5 gallons per gram of protein, while beef uses up 29 gallons of water per gram.

When considering our natural resources while you are at the grocery store, it’s a pretty clear decision that Jack’s Quality beans are better for your family, your dish and our planet.